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Forensic Hypnosis / Investigative Hypnosis

Hypnosis to help you to "remember" or find lost tiems

What does Forensic Hypnosis do?

Helps you to:   "Remember or recover lost memories"

How does it work?
Hypnotherapy in private sessions to help you regress and remember.

It can be lost or forgotten items. It can be forgotten or repressed memories of events or the past.

These fornesic hypnosis techniques will help you to remember the item or events without reliving any trauma or negative feelings from that past.

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More about us: The Alabama Hypnosis Clinic is dedicated to helping people improve the quality and length of life.

You can remember your past and details from that past, using these safe forensic hypnosis techniques.

Your lack of memory or your forgotten details may have been caused by your ego defense of "Repressing" the memory. This is a normal and it is done for your protection so you won't have to relive any trauma.

With forensic hypnosis the event or details can be recalled safely without bringing up the trauma

You can then learn self hypnosis techniques and signals to help you remember more information from your past.

Hypnosis will help you change your mind, your habits, your attitude and beliefs.