Alabama Hypnosis Clinic
of   The PATH Foundation
Alabama Hypnosis Clinic       located at: 1715 11th Avenue South,       Birmingham, Alabama
Call us at: 205 322- PATH       that's     205 322-7284

Specialized Hypnosis

Hypnosis to help you to "prepare for surgery or dental procedures"

Hypnosis to help you "prepare for childbirth"

Hypnosis to help you "Recover from Addiction"



What does Specialized Hypnosis do for surgery
or childbirth preparation?

Helps you to:   "Release all fears and apprehension
about the procedure"
"then change your subconscious mind's attitude to:
like, look forward to, and enjoy the procedure"

What does Specialized Hypnosis do for Addiction Recovery
Hypnotherapy in private sessions to help you release
the causes of addiction and any anxieties and then
overcome the addictions and old beliefs.
Then reprogram your mind with success and confidence.

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    Call: 205 322-7284

More about us: The Alabama Hypnosis Clinic is dedicated to helping people improve the quality and length of life.

You will learn self hypnosis techniques and signals to help you preare for the future and be confident and successful

Hypnosis will help you change your mind, your habits, your attitude and beliefs.